Hi, I'm Paddi!


Ever since I was little, I have loved to keep myself busy in any creative way possible. 


In my childhood I remember lots of crafting, drawing and painting; later, in my teenage years, I began getting into music and different creative tasks on the computer.


When I was about 16 years old, I discovered nail art for myself and started trying out lots of different intricate designs on my own nails.

 At about the same age I also started getting more into makeup. I read educational books and blogs on the internet, which resulted in spending a lot of time on youtube and then in front of my mirror, to try out looks I had seen on the internet on myself. Over the years, my knowledge and techniques improved, and the joy I felt when I was being creative and doing makeup stayed consistent. I always wanted to know more, learn more and do more.


2014 was the year I decided to take a makeup class, to extend my knowledge, but also to have my skill evaluated by actual, working professional makeup artists. In November I traveled to England and took an intensive makeup course with Pixiwoo. Through that course I learned for the first time that makeup can be more than a hobby, that it can actually be a job.


After I had finished the course and received my certificate, I continued practicing and learning more about makeup as an art. I started doing makeup on family, friends and friends of friends and kept thinking in the back of my mind how it would be to make my hobby my job.


In the summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to be head of the hair and makeup department for a local production of the musical "Hairspray". I was in charge of all hair, wigs and of course makeup of the whole ensemble, and put together a team to help me to realize the looks I had planned on the approximately 60 actors. This position was something completely new to me and brought along a lot of responsibility, but I stood up to the challenge and both the work me and my team did, as well as the whole production itself was a great success.


From October 2015 until October 2016 I worked as a freelance makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. This gave me the opportunity to once more expand my knowledge of makeup techniques, customer service and makeup products in general.


In the summer of 2017 I got to take up the same position of head of the hair and makeup department at the high school for their production of "Young Frankenstein". Again, it was an amazing opportunity and a great success.


In the late summer of 2017 I was finally in a position that allowed me to take the step and make my hobby a job and start a business as makeup artist.



Addition: My philosophy

Everyone, who loves to wear makeup, knows it.


"Who are you getting so dolled up for?"

"You are hiding underneath your makeup"

"You only wear makeup to decieve others"

"I bet you couldn't be recognized without makeup"


These statements show some of the most common prejudice and cliches, that you get confronted with as a makeup enthusiast or makeup artist.

I want to share my thoughts and opinions on this topic, as they are not only my personal convictions, but are also what I base my work as a makeup artist on.


Every person uses makeup for different reasons. For me personally, it has always been, and is to this day, an outlet for my creativity.


To me, makeup is also a way to minimize insecurities people sometimes have with themselves, or to emphasize a person's natural beauty. The smallest amount of concealer under the eye or mascara on the eyelashes can give a person a completely different, more positive sense of self and confidence. I have been able to experience this phenomenon several times throughout the years, and that is one of the reasons my passion for makeup has only grown over time.


Of course, makeup also offers the opportunity to completely change one's appearance, but I love that I get to choose what exactly I create, whether it be a natural beauty makeup or a complete transformational, character look for example for Halloween or just for fun.


So, to get back to the "typical" prejudiced statements:


I personally don't wear makeup for anyone else. I wear makeup because it is fun for me, and because on days where my self-confidence may be lacking, it gives me that extra spark of confidence.


I love, that I have the possibility to give my customers that same feeling, and to teach them how to give themselves that extra spark of confidence. 

I love that I get to contribute to my customers valuing themselves and finding themselves beautiful.


I do not hide myself, or customers under makeup. I emphasize and highlight the natural beauty, that every person has. Unless my customer wishes to be transformed by makeup and to have a look "without which they couldn't be recognized". Then, I use every possibility, technique and trick, that working with makeup offers, to create the illusion that my customer wants. That kind of makeup is also a type of art and creativity.


I have the possibility, to create whatever I want on myself or whatever my customer wants on them. The decision is ours, and ours alone to make. And the fact that I get to choose over and over again what kind of makeup I want to apply that day, out of millions of options, every single day, is the reason why makeup never gets boring to me, why I'll never lose the joy it brings me, and why my passion for it is so immesurable.